Journey Into the Great Unknown

A secret world of hidden canyons awaits for you to make your descent. Discover spectacular scenery. Disconnect from daily life as you know it. Embrace the splashing rapids as you paddle through America’s canyons less traveled at the heart of the Colorado Plateau. Live and breathe the legacy of John Wesley Powell, one of America’s greatest canyoneers of all time. This time around, the expedition is yours. What will you uncover there?

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“It enters the range by a flaring, brilliant red gorge, that may be seen from the north a score of miles away.”
–J.W. Powell

This impressive sight—named Flaming Gorge by Powell and his crew on the 1869 expedition—was the first of the mysterious canyons the explorers faced on their journey along the Green River.

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In Lodore Canyon the Powell expedition first encountered unruly whitewater, losing a boat (and almost some of its crew) in Disaster Falls.

“No quiet in all that time; but its walls and cliffs, its peaks and crags, its amphitheaters and alcoves told a story…of beauty and grandeur.”
–J.W. Powell

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Powell called it a “region of the wildest desolation,” but this dramatic and remote canyon is full of beauty. Towering terraced walls, talus slopes and colorful crags rise from the river, as thrilling whitewater beckons the constant attention of its explorers.

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Venturing down the Colorado River into what is now Canyonlands, the Powell crew sees the biggest whitewater yet, while the landscape mesmerizes.

“At this great depth the river rolls in solemn majesty. The cliffs are reflected from the more quiet river, and we seem to be in the depths of the earth…”
–J.W. Powell

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“The walls now are more than a mile in height—a vertical distance difficult to appreciate.”
–J.W. Powell

Powell named this majestic chasm Grand Canyon, unlocking a national treasure. But the rapids here challenged the crew to its core and three men would never see the historic expedition to its completion.